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get ready

the dos and donts of sugaring


Before your sugar:

  • Do make sure the hair is ¼ of an inch long- approx. 4 weeks post last sugar/wax or 2 weeks post shave 
  • Do pop a pain reliever or use numbing cream 60-30 minutes prior to your appointment if you’re sensitive 
  • Do wear your favourite granny panties to the appointment as lacy, sexy, tight underwear may cause irritation
  • Don’t lather up with lotions, gels or oils before the treatment
  • Don’t fake bake up to 24 hours before your appointment


After your sugar: 

  • Do steer clear of excessive heat post sugaring including saunas, steam rooms, sun bathing etc. for up to 24 hours
  • Do treat your sugared area with care by exfoliating to prevent ingrown and to keep it extra smooth (begin exfoliating 2-3 days after service)
  • Do bring a cotton tee for after wear for chest and back sugaring
  • Do take an antihistamine and use a cold compress if you develop hives
  • Do expose your natural beauty by steering clear of makeup, oils and lotions post face sugaring
  • Do enjoy your smooth, smooth skin!