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Leave the salon life behind, and step into Winnipeg’s original Sugar Bar. We won’t talk in a whisper or say Namaste. We might compliment your nails or the blue tips in your hair, but we wouldn’t know how to recreate either. We aren’t your average multiple service salon, we’re a perfected one-service Sugar Bar. What does this mean for you? It means smooth skin from technicians who only care about one thing, smooth skin. Our priorities aren’t split; we are focused and passionate about sugaring.

Trust us, ladies who are obsessed with sugaring. We think you deserve the best in hair removal—so put down your razor and your tweezers. Face the facts; you want to be a smooth operator. Not that we don’t trust your at home methods, but come experience what the experts have to offer.

We can get you in and out on your lunch hour, or usher you in during our late evening hours to accommodate your busy schedule. We offer a full range of sugaring services for men and women. Come get Nude with us!